Upgrade a MacMini 2012 for ESXI 6

Upgrade a 2012 MacMini 6,1 for ESXI 6.0

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve recently been able to breath some life into an old dead late 2012 MacMini that i picked up for a bargain price off of eBay. As the chassis was a bare bones unit, I threw in some parts that I had to hand…

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Homelab Update #3 - Long Overdue

Homelab Update #3 – Long Overdue

As you can see by the last post this blog received, i’ve been pressing pause on the blog for a good couple of months. This was mainly due to increased work commitments including training down in central London, picking up quite a bit of new work as part of my…

HP Microserver Gen8 CPU Upgrade

HP Microserver Gen8 CPU Upgrade

Well, I’ve been running my HP Microserver Gen8 for over 6 months now, and despite a few minor upgrades i’ve not really done much with the core of the server (CPU, RAM etc), so now is the time to investigate a HP Microserver Gen8 CPU Upgrade. HP Microserver Gen8 CPU Upgrade The…


3 HomeLab Blogs to Follow

TinkerTry.com I first discovered TinkerTry a few years back when attempting to trouble shoot an issue with an older VMWare ESXi install. The website is dedicated to providing full start to finish solutions for a whole range of visualization issues. The guides are comprehensive with great attention to detail and…

Top 3 tips for getting started in it

Top 3 Tips for Getting Started in IT

If you fancy a career change or just want to expand your skillset, heres my Top 3 Tips for those who want to get started in a job in information technology. Getting Started In IT – Tip 1: Get a video training subscription Over the years I’ve found that I’ve always got…

Easy2Boot Walkthrough

Easy2Boot Install Guide for v1.77 – A Step by Step Walkthrough

Easy2Boot is one of those incredibly useful tools that once you use it you can’t imagine living without. It allows you to boot from multiple ISO’s all stored on a single USB pen drive. This saves you from the hassle of carrying around multiple pen drives or install CD’s and…

Raspberry Pi 3 Title

Raspberry Pi 3 Lauches Today

Raspberry Pi 3 With much internet fanfare – the latest in the Raspberry Pi lineup has been announced today – the Raspberry Pi 3. I clearly must have been living under a rock for the last few months as this caught me completely off guard. The Raspberry Pi 3 represents an…

HP Microserver Gen8 Cashback

HP MicroServer Gen8 Cashback

HP MicroServer Gen8 Cashback – £55 off until 31st March After a quick check on the internet appears that the regular HP MicroServer Gen8 Cashback deal is back on until the end of March. There are lots of vendors participating the the MicroServer Gen8 Cashback scheme but my preferred supplier is ServersPlus….

NASA Visions of the Future

NASA Visions of the Future

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have released a fantastic set of artwork entitled “NASA Visions of the Future”. NASA Visions of the Future The art has been commissioned and made available to help to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, the very people who will eventually work on sending…


Apple iPhone 6 Error 53

Recently there have been lots of reports of iPhone 6’s mysteriously bricking themselves when upgrading to iOS9 and above – they all seem to be generating a mysterious “error 53” and all share one thing, they’ve all received non-Apple repairs. Whats the deal with Error 53? In a nut shell,…