Home Lab Server #1 – HP ML10 v2

Introducing the HP Proliant ML10 v2

After my initial thoughts on picking up a Lenovo or Dell server but I ended up stumping for one of HP’s entry level offerings, the HP ML10 v2.

I know that i’d specified that I wanted a Xeon or at worst an i3 based server, but the server that I ended up picking up is only based on Intel Pentium G3240 Dual-Core CPU – this isn’t the end of the world at all as the non-production workload that it’ll be running will be more memory intensive that CPU dependant. Once i’ve upgraded it beyond its supplied 4GB memory to at least 16GB it’ll be a great little VM server.

There are a number of different configurations of this model, but here’s the specs for the particular model i’ve gone with:

  • CPU – Intel Pentium G3240 Dual-Core CPU @ 3.2Ghz
  • RAM – 1 x 4GB DDR3 ECC
  • LAN – 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • HDD – None
  • DVD – None

Its a basic server, and from my unboxing and initial look at the server its more like an entry level workstation than a true server but it’ll suit my needs perfectly.

But why did I buy it?

One word, cost.

After looking around online I found a great supplier called ServersPlus, they had a good selection of servers that I was interested in, they looked professional and the website was easy to navigate. I’d never purchased from them before but after I noticed the ML10 v2 had a great HP rebate my mind was made up.

The server was £155 including VAT but with the £65 (!) rebate it works out at £90 for the server.. and I can’t argue with that 🙂

The service from ServersPlus was great, I placed the order at 11am on the Wednesday and it was delivered by courier at lunchtime on the Thursday. That’s great customer service in my view – i’ve placed orders with other suppliers before and waited days before even the shipping confirmation came through. Great stuff..

My next post will probably be a mini-review and notes on setting up the server.


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