New Years Resolutions for 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016

New Years Resolutions for 2016

It’s almost 2016 so it’s time for another round of New Years Resolutions. I’ve kept to “techie” resolutions for the purpose of this post, I do have other more personal resolutions but those are beyond the scope of this blog.

This time I’m hoping to actually achieve them so to hold myself to account I’ve tweeted them for the whole world to see.

My resolutions for 2016 are:

  • Learn to code in Python
  • Share my experience and knowledge with others
  • Update my Microsoft Certifications

Resolution 1: Learn to code in Python

This has been a recurring resolution over the last few years but this year I am determined to nail this once and for all. Olive previously tried learning several other languages such as Apple’s Swift, JavaScript and Visual Basic, but I’ve never found a language that a) actually like and b) I’ve found accessible.

From my initial playing around I think that Python is going to be an excellent language to start coding again. It seems straightforward to get into, is very powerful and has a lot of real world applications, so it’s not all theory.

Python also fits nicely with the Raspberry Pi setup that I purchased recently for my Homelab monitoring project, and will be a great way to play around with some IoT technology.

I’ve already started picking up resources ready to get going in the new year, namely a great book by Al Sweigart called Automate The Boring Stuff With Python. It makes coding accessible by using real world examples of how to use it. The authors also extremely approachable, and I’ve already had a brief chat with him about coding in general.

Ahh, the power of Twitter 🙂

Resolution 2: Share my experience and knowledge with others

I’ve worked in IT in various capacities for the last 15 years, so I like to think that I’ve got a lot of experience in troubleshooting and problem solving IT issues and I’d like to start to share my experience beyond my immediate circle of friends and colleagues.

This means that I’m going to increase the scope of this blog to include solutions to most of the more general day to day IT issues that I come across.

I’m also going to put any decent code that I produce in the public domain, so others have the opportunity to learn form my mistakes. I’ll setup a GitHub account specifically for this.

Resolution 3: Update my Microsoft Certifications

This is a bit of a no-brainier really. For various reasons i’ve allowed my Microsoft certifications to lapse, and while I’ve amassed plenty of practical experience in numerous systems and software, I’ve not got that magic piece of paper to quantify that experience.

While I’ve previously started working on my VMWare certifications I’m going to pop these on hold for now and concentrate on what’s going to have more bearing on my day to day work, namely Server 2012 and Windows 10.

I’ll be able to make significant inroads into this once my homelab is fully up and running.

Bonus Resolution 1: Be more efficient

This is my bonus resolution for this year and it’s going to be tricky to quantify. My aim is to put more thought into everything I do so make my workflows more efficient. In 2016 I will work smarter and not necessarily harder.

I’m planning on posting updates throughout the year, again mainly to hold myself to account so expect follow up posts at the end of March, June and September 2016.

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