HP Gen8 Microserver: Power for additional HDD

Since my last post, Upgrading HP Gen8 Microserver: Pt 1, i’ve been busy doing other, non-homelab things and it took me a few days to get around to order the parts for the planned ODD / HDD swap out.

Typically, when it came to ordering, the most essential part, the LINDY 0.15m 3.5″ Power Female to SATA Power Adapter was out of stock and with no expected due in date. There were other alternatives on Amazon, but I refuse to pay over £14 for a 4 inch piece of cable.

The easiest and most elegant solution to powering up the new HDD is via the floppy power connector but this route is off limits Not being put off by this turn of events I had a dig around in the case for a possible alternative solution and I ended up finding a molex to molex extension cable tucked away in the drive cage just under where the ODD would normally sit.


The original solution, the FDD power cable

This acts as a bridge between the power supply and the bespoke power cable that runs to the back of the SATA backplane.

After a few frustrating minutes (but luckily no cuts thanks to the nice rolled edges on the case) I managed to pull through the cable and work out how I was going to get this working. At this point I did what any self respecting IT techie did and bodged something together out of bits and pieces laying around.


The alternative solution, a spare molex to molex adaptor

After raiding my bits box I dug out 2 cables that I could use, a molex Y-splitter and a molex to 2 x SATA power adapter.

Molex & SATA power cables

Molex & SATA power cables


I was thinking about chopping these cables up and making a single bespoke cable but my soldering skills are terrible. Luckily I didn’t end up needing to do this as there is a little space between the ODD bay and the drive cage that can hold any extra cable.

After another few minutes to routing cables, I think i’ve got a nice neat solution. Just to be sure I plugged in an old laptop HDD drive to make sure that it powers up correctly and all worked as it should. An added bonus is that the drive sits nicely where the optional ODD bay would sit.


The cables in their final location, with a test HDD to check size.

I’d make sure there was no possibility of an electrical short by coating the whole area in electrical tape but i’m pretty happy with both the placement and how the cables have been run.

I’m now just waiting on my SSD and then i’ll be ready to go..

Oh, and if you want to see a great tutorial on how to solder properly – check out Ben Heck Teaches Alyson How to Solder on Youtube.

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