Raspberry Pi 3 Lauches Today

Raspberry Pi 3 Title

Raspberry Pi 3

With much internet fanfare – the latest in the Raspberry Pi lineup has been announced today – the Raspberry Pi 3. I clearly must have been living under a rock for the last few months as this caught me completely off guard.

The Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 represents an evolution of the board rather than something completely new, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have built a great piece of kit over the last 4 years, with each iteration having better components at a very reasonable price.

The newest iteration of the board, version 3, gives the CPU a definite speed bump along with faster video, and heres the killer feature of this version, inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth – all while retaining the same form factor, compatibility and price.

Please see below for my rather crude side-by-side comparison with the major differences highlighted:

Raspberry Pi 2 Vs. Raspberry Pi 3 Side-By-Side Comparison

Raspberry Pi 2 Vs. Raspberry Pi 3 Side-by-side Comparison

Raspberry Pi 2 Vs. Raspberry Pi 3 Side-by-side Comparison

Video Intro of the new board

The guys over at Raspi.tv have put together a great little intro guide on the new V3 board along with this great introductory video:

How I’m Planning On Using Mine

When I originally purchased my Raspberry Pi 2 I had planned on using it as part of a homemade environmental monitoring setup for my home lab (see – DIY Homelab Monitoring with Raspberry Pi – Part 1: Overview) however because of various delays and power issues at home I’ve ended up using it as a OSMC box pulling media from file shares on my Gen8 Microserver to our living room TV.

This was only ever intended to be a short term use, and once the wiring is sorted in our loft i’ll be picking up this project again. The hardware specs of the Raspberry Pi 2 are more than adequate for a monitoring station however the inclusion of Bluetooth Low Energy on the Raspberry Pi 3 means that I can potentially have several smaller sensors scattered around my home lab loft space, all reporting back over Bluetooth without any external dongles required.

Looks like my Raspberry Pi 2 will stay as a media center and my new Raspberry Pi 3 will be the heart of my monitoring setup. I best get one on order!

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