Blog Update – March 2018

Well its been a while.

Over the last 5 months i’ve been so busy with a number of personal projects that i’ve not really had much time to add anything of note to the blog.

However, here’s a highlight reel of a few things that i’ve been working on:

Web Development

Over the last 5 months i’ve been a busy boy. I’ve developed a number of websites for personal projects and for paying customers. I really enjoy putting a website together but I try and be quite selective about who I work with, it also helps that because its not my main job, I have the luxury of being able to turn down projects that don’t necessarily inspire me, without worrying about being out of pocket.

Technical Writing

I’ve been spending a large amount of time working on my technical writing. I’ve contributed a large number of product reviews to a couple of websites that I part own – its been great. I’ve enjoyed developing my style of writing, working out what works and what doesn’t – gradually evolving into great quality, sharable content.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ve written some lemons, content that when 1000 words in I realised that they’ll never work and have been consigned to the great recycle bin in the sky, but I’ve found the whole process enjoyable.


I was on the verge of buying a large amount of crypto-mining tech just as the Bitcoin January bubble popped, It was pretty lucky actually as I was only about a day away from committing to purchase a number of very expensive graphics cards.

When Bitcoin dropped from $20000 to less than $8000 in a couple of days, the potential profitability tumbled. The dramatic increase in the cost of GFX cards also killed this project before it had even started. My ROI numbers had increased from around 100 days per card (GTX1060 6GB’s) to nearer 300 days. This coupled with the cost of the base rig meant that the project would have been unviable as i’m not waiting for nearly a year to recoup my investment.

I’m not abandoning Crypto totally, i’ve done some experimenting with burstcoin, but I think i’m going to see how the mining landscape pans out before committing in the future

Blog Highlights

By far my most successful blog posts of the last year is my Building a Synology NAS – DIY guide – it was published on the 3rd March 2017 (almost a year ago to the day) and has just hit 11000 page views. So far over the last few months i’ve been getting a steady search rate of between 45 and 60 searches a day.

I think its amazing that I get so many visits to this one ultra niche article – if only I could work out a way to monitise it i’d be quids in 🙂

I’m planning on a complete rebuild of my home lab setup from the ground up, i’m hoping to get something ready to post in the next few weeks.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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