Home Brewing Redux – Equipment for Simple BIAB Home Brewing

After many delays i’ve just ordered all the equipment I need to get back into homebrewing.

Previously i’ve attempted a BIAB (brew in a bag) setup using a large pan on the electric hob with very mixed results. Unfortunately our electric hob isn’t the best and it really struggled getting even a gallon batch up to a consistent boil in a reasonable period of time.

I’ve been searching online and locally at homebrew stores for a decent set of starter equipment, while i’ve love a Grainfather or a Bulldog, my resources don’t stretch that far.

Once of the best deals i’ve found is for a BIAB starter set from geterbrewed.com. This kit seemed to have everything I need at a very reasonable price point. I’m starting with simple recipes as a complete beginner so I’m not too bothered about doing everything manually.

The kit that i’ve picked up consists of:

  • A 32 litre Peco boiler with false bottom and nylon bag
  • Copper wort chiller with hose-lock fittings
  • 33 litre fermentation bucket with airlock, tap, thermometer and bottle filling system
  • Beer paddle
  • 100g Steriliser
  • Hydrometer plus sampling tube
  • An all grain mash kit

This kit consists of everything that I need to BIAB up to 20l (5 gal) except the bottles.

If you are looking to pick up the same kit then the BIAB All Grain Starter Kit can be found on geterbrewed.com for around £150.

Initially i’m going to use a number of Brewdog 660ml bottles that i’ve collected alongside some plastic PET 500ml bottles that i’ve still to source. That should give me the capacity to bottle a full 20l batch.

After this initial batch i’ll probably scale back my batch sizes to around the 14l / 3 gal mark as I really want to experiment with different recipes and styles. This way i’m not going to need to work my way through a full crate of 40+ bottles.

The kit also includes a Hoppy American Pale Ale kit to practice with – this will be an ideal (and hopefully tasty) test batch to get me back up to speed.

Exciting times are ahead.

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