Project Brewshed

Project BrewShed

Ok, this is very much a pie in the sky project (and may never come to fruition) but i’m planning to build myself a BrewShed so I can brew my own beer in a quiet, controlled environment away from my kitchen. My requirements are simple, for the BrewShed I need…

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one gallon brewing final

One Gallon Brewing – Citra Smash IPA Results

Well the time has come so i’ve just cracked open a bottle of my Smash Citra IPA. Its been nearly 5 weeks since brew day and in total it has had 2 weeks in the fermenter with an additional 2 and a half weeks in the bottle. It would appear that…

One Gallon Brewing - CItra Smash Update 1

One Gallon Brewing – Citra Smash IPA Update

After a fortnight waiting I’ve finally bottled my Citra Smash IPA. I’m really excited about this beer as its the first beer that I’ve brewed from scratch using my own recipe. For more information on the recipe or the brewing process check out pt1 of this mini-series. Fermenting the Citra Smash…

One Gallon Brewing Title Card

One Gallon Brewing – Brewing a Citra SMaSH IPA

As i’m very new to the home brewing scene I’m as interested in learning about the ingredients that go into beer as the brewing process itself. The look and taste of the final product is entirely dependent on both the quality and quantity of the ingredients added in the brewing…