HP Microserver Cashback

HP Gen8 Microserver CashbackHPE has generously extended the current Microserver Cashback deal once again, this time remaining valid until the 30th Nov 2017.

Although the online price of the Gen8 Microserver has crept up over the last year, at the current rate you can pick one up for around £125 which still makes it fantastic value for what you get.

Here are the basic specs of the entry level HP Microserver Gen8 that features in the Microserver cashback deal:

  • Intel Celeron G1610T Dual-Core (2.30GHz 2MB 35W)
  • 4GB (1 x 4GB) PC3L-12800E 1600MHz UDIMM (Low Voltage)
  • 4 x Non-Hot Plug 3.5in Dynamic Smart Array B120i
  • No Optical 200W
  • 1yr Warranty

Make no mistake, this is a basic server and in its stock setup i’d say it would be suitable for very light enterprise tasks only. Where it really shines is in the home as a centralised media server.

My own Gen8 Microserver is populated with a 120GB SSD as a boot drive and 4 x 2TB HDDs for general storage. Its been running for the last 18 months in this configuration and hasn’t skipped a beat.

If you have the space and can afford the slightly higher running costs its a great alternative to a traditional NAS drive.

HP Gen 10 Microserver Cashback?

In some brillant news, HP has made cashback available on the brand new Gen10 Microserver. At the moment the rate is the same as the Gen8 Microserver at £50. To claim your cashback, check the links at the bottom of this page.

At the current prices (as at Nov 2017) you can pick up a Gen10 at around £175 after cashback, which is a fantastic deal.

Where can I get a Gen8 or Gen10 Microserver?

I picked mine up from serversplus.com (direct link to the server) and i’d happily recommend them to anyone. Customer service was great and I received the unit next day. I also purchased an HP ML10V2 shortly after and experienced the same great service.

*This isn’t sponsored in any way – I just really liked the speed of delivery and level of customer service*

How do I claim my Microserver Cashback?

Claiming cashback is easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase your qualifying product
  2. Fill out the claim form (available here)
  3. Wait for email confirmation and your rebate will be in the post or via bank transfer

The process is quick and painless and who wouldn’t want this fantastic little server at an even better price?

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