HP MicroServer Gen8 Cashback

HP Microserver Gen8 Cashback

HP MicroServer Gen8 Cashback – £55 off until 31st March

HP Microserver Gen8 CashbackAfter a quick check on the internet appears that the regular HP MicroServer Gen8 Cashback deal is back on until the end of March.

There are lots of vendors participating the the MicroServer Gen8 Cashback scheme but my preferred supplier is ServersPlus.

I’m not affiliated in any way with ServersPlus but I have bought both my existing HP Microserver Gen8 and my HP ML10 v2 from them. Their service is great and delivery was fast, in both cases I had the servers next day with no fuss.

The claim process is pretty easy as well – Simply download a copy of the claim form, print and fill it out and send off to the supplied address (along with a copy of your invoice) and your refund should be with you in around 30 to 45 days either via cheque or bank transfer.

For up to date details on the latest Microserver cashback deal – check out the dedicated page -> 

Heres my posts on the HP Microserver Gen8 so far:

Why I like the Microserver

Whats not to like about the Gen8 Microserver? Here are a few reasons why I like it..


The Gen8 Microserver packs a lot of decent hardware into a surprisingly small space. The unit measures a diminuative 9.15 x 9.06 x 9.65 in / 23.24x 23 x 24.5 cm (WxHxD) and stacks very well with other Microservers or the optional HP PS1810-8G Switch.


The Gen8 Microserver offers a decent level of expandability for such a small unit. The unit has 4 non-hotswap 3.5 inch drive bays as standard (rather than the old-school drive cage on the HP ML10 v2) as well as a spare space for an optical drive that can be easily converted for use with an additional 2.5 inch HDD or SSD. An internal USB2.0 and SD card slot can also be used to add extra capacity at a pinch.

The unit also has a single PCIe 2.0 slot for adding additional RAID cards for example, enterprising users have also fitted a low profile graphics card, making the server into a capable HTPC, although this would be a bit out of spec for my setup.


This is the big one, the price. HP has been very agressive with its pricing model and you can pick up the base model, the Celeron G1610T Dual-Core/4GB RAM spec for just £164 inc VAT, however when you factor in the extra discount offered by the MicroServer Gen8 Cashback scheme, you can pick the unit up for just £110 inc VAT. Bargain.

Another Microserver on the shopping list?

I’m seriously considering picking up another Microserver for the home lab. Due to various power and space issues at the moment, my loft lab space isn’t as usable as i’d like – so i’m going to have to temporarily relocate the lab downstairs. A second, upgraded Gen8 Microserver will probably replace the HP ML10 v2 for the time being until the issues in the loft are resolved.

This new one, along with my existing Microserver will stack nicely on top of each other. The decision’s not finalised, but the price (around £110 after the MicroServer Gen8 Cashback has been applied) sure has grabbed my attention.

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