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I first discovered TinkerTry a few years back when attempting to trouble shoot an issue with an older VMWare ESXi install. The website is dedicated to providing full start to finish solutions for a whole range of visualization issues. The guides are comprehensive with great attention to detail and are well worth a read.

Some of my favourite TinkerTry posts are those based around “vZilla“. vZilla is an all in one, tower PC workstation absolutely crammed with kit, designed as a dedicated VMWare Workstation box. Although the hardware is now a good few years old, it still looks like it can hold its own against other “whitebox” solutions – this goes to show that if you invest carefully in the right kit, then you can get a good few years use out of your homelab.

If you’d like to check out vZilla in all its glory (and I recommend that you do) you can find it via https://tinkertry.com/vzilla




When I was first researching my homelab – Alex Galbraith’s Tekhead.it blog was one of the first sites that I came across. The Tekhead blog covers a wide range of homelab and visualization topics, all of which are very informative and well written. Of particular note is the Intel NUC NanoLab series where multiple Intel NUC’s are used to build a fully featured lab with a tiny footprint.

The Tekhead blog also covers other topics such as VMWare (extensively) and AWS and Docker, so if you are interested in those then its well worth a look.

You can find the blog at: http://tekhead.it/blog/category/nanolab/




VirtuallyGhetto is a very well put together blog focusing on VMWare almost exclusively. The website also has whole sections dedicated to running various versions of EXSi on non-typical hardware such as Apple Mac, MacPro and MacMini’s.

The user guides are very well written and easy to follow and are what I would consider a must read if you are planning on running the VMWare Hypervisor on any Apple kit.

In later posts the focus as started to shift away from MacMini’s and onto Intel NUCs but the guides are still kept up to date and relevant. You can find the site at http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/

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