Boston 2016 Highlights – Whale Watching

One of the highlights of my USA trip was getting to go whale watching at Gloucester, MA with 7 Seas Whale Watching. When I first heard about the trip I kept thinking that they would be small and far in the distance – I’d get to see a few tails, some plumes and not much more – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Boat

We boarded the Privateer IV at Gloucester, MA and the boat headed south toward the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary in Massachusetts Bay. Our guide had said that the previous day they had had good sightings at the north west corner of the sanctuary and hopefully it wouldn’t take too long before we got a sighting.

On the way out of the harbour we did pass the Thomas E. Lannon, a century old Schooner used for sightseeing tours around the local coastline.

whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-1 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-2

Up Close With The Whales

We had been heading out for about 50 minutes and had hit the 12 mile mark when we first got a glimpse in the distance of some plumes. Within 15 minutes we were right in the middle of a group of 30 to 40 hump back whales in a full feeding frenzy.

whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-3 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-4 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-5 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-6 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-7 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-8 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-9 whale-watching-gloucester-ma-oct-2016-10

Throughout the trip I mainly shot stills on my DSLR but at one point the boat was in the middle of the pack so I flipped over to video and shot the following:

According to the GPS on my iPhone, this was our approximate route and location on the day:

It was a wonderful day out and an experience that will stick with me forever – if you ever get the chance, go.


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