HP MicroServer Gen8 – Cashback Deal Back On

The cashback deal for everyone’s favorite home server is now back on and running until the end of Jan 17 Feb 17.

For up to date details on the latest Microserver cashback deal – check out the dedicated page -> 

HP Microserver Gen8 CashbackAlthough the base price has increased a tad (damn you Brexit..) the cashback amount has increased as well so we are pretty much getting the same deal as we did 6 months ago.

The base cost is now £180 including VAT but with £60 cashback that gives an end price of just £120 + a little bit of postage. Its still a great deal if you are looking for a decent little file server for home or storage for your home lab.

ServersPlus are also running a bundle deal for the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 + 16GB of ECC memory for £280 including VAT which drops to £220 when you factor in the cashback which I think is a good deal.

servers plus hp gen8 microserver

You can read up on my reasoning behind recommending this little server here.

Note: I’m in no way affiliated with ServersPlus but i’m more than happy to recommend them as I’ve had some excellent customer service in the past.

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  1. I got this little beauty and have found your blog helpful. Just actually here to see how you managed to fit a 2.5″ drive in there and what caddy you used if any?

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