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HP Gen10 Microserver Cashback

In an unexpected move, HPE have announced that they are extending their fantastic Microserver Cashback scheme to include the brand new entry level AMD X3216 powered Gen10 Microserver. The entry level Gen10 Microserver currently retails…

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HPE MicroServer Gen10 Launched

HP have finally released the brand new HPE Microserver Gen10. While it was originally announced online a number of months ago we finally have some UK pricing. The Microserver Gen10 is launching with two entry…

Building a DIY Mac Mini NAS

Note: The instructions below worked on my initial install but i’ve been unable to replicate it upon further attempts. I now get various system errors and failed installs and nothing remotely resembling a working NAS….

Does My Computer Need Anti-Virus Software?

Does My Computer Need Anti-Virus Software? Its an age old question. In the last few weeks a very interesting article has been doing the rounds online by Ex Mozilla developer Robert O’Callahan called “Disable Your Antivirus…