Home Lab Resources

This page contains links to any home lab resources that I think may be useful to those looking to design, implement or manage a home lab server environment. Its very much a work in progress page, and links with inevitably be added, removed or modified over time.

HP Microservers

Home Server Show

A very useful website that primarily deals with the use of the HP Microserver range in the home environment. The website also hosts a useful podcast and a great deal of information regarding modifying the Gen8 Microserver to suite multiple purposes.


HP Software and Utilities

HP Offline Array Configuration Utility

This is required by all HP Servers that lack an inbuilt version of the HP Smart Storage Administrator such as the HP ML10 v2

HP Offline Array Configuration Utility

HP USB Key Utility for Windows

A useful app used to great bootable USB media from HP issued ISO’s such as the Offline Array Configuration Utility. Note that this doesn’t work with standard ISO’s such as Windows install media. Check out this guide for usage instructions.

HP USB Key Utility for Windows (V1.7.0.0 for Win7)